1.  Appropriateness

Whether it’s the context for new construction or an addition to an existing house, I design buildings that belong.

2.  Light

may be the single most important design element. Natural light in particular must be abundant and allow one to work inside un-aided by electricity. Bring more light into the old houses which were built to keep the outside out.

3.  Simplify

Reduce the program to its essence, embody function and don’t over build.

4.  Floor Plan

I approach all projects from the inside out. When we have mapped out your living pattern and married it to the site, the exterior detail will follow. Your house must first function for you in your daily life.

5.  Family

I have first hand experience living in a Greek Revival, 1836 historic district house and providing for a family. Most of my projects are done for families with children at home, but I design with the realization that they grow up fast! I work closely with couples’ conflicting concerns, help prioritize their expectations, personalize their program, eliminate disparate elements, and hope they come through this process together!

6.  Hire a Local Builder

…and he will do less driving. He’ll arrive on time and may more easily meet with you on weekends! We live in an architecturally rich area, along with very talented contractors and subcontractors; many honest, hardworking craftspeople. They know what they’re doing, I don’t tell them how to build, I draw what the desired result is and together we adjust it as needed in the construction process.


7.  Custom Kitchens and Built-Ins

I work with local cabinet makers who will supply custom cabinetry that will truly fit your house and likely cost less than high end factory custom cabinets. Sloped floor? Not a problem!

8.  Resource Conservation

Our environment is overtaxed and natural resources are limited. We all have the responsibility to live with conservation in mind. The greenest house is the house that is already exists. Keep the square footage smaller and spend YOUR resources on the details of well crafted interiors with built-in cabinetry. Keep original windows, insulate, salvage and reuse!!



9.  Salvage

Whenever possible I encourage the use of salvage, from your old house or another. The builder we select should be happy to do this, not try to talk you out of it. Old doors, windows, hardware are all things that can help maintain the old house appeal. These are the things you touch every day. I don’t believe in the substitution of plastics for wood, aesthetically or environmentally.

10.  Do Right by the Old House

We are only custodians of our old houses. Our job is to sensitively adapt the old house for the 21st c. It will likely live beyond us.